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Monday, March 05, 2007

mUchos GrrACiiasss

Helllo alll of you...

My family would like to say Thank You to those who came to my house for the House Thanksgiving Blessing yesterday...

We were so blessed with your presence and blessings! and yummy chocolate cake ;)

THANK YOU .... !!!

Loves and Hugs,
Lenny and Family

Friday, January 12, 2007


ok, booked the rooms for feb3-4. checkin time is about 4pm (no problem) and checkout time is 2pm. means on sunday, i'll try and see if we can extend a bit, will only know closer to the date, or we can pack our stuff and still continue with whatever we were doing, shouldnt be a problem.
however, it turns out that we have to pay for the roomsla. its 150 for the two rooms, which works out to about rm12.50 per pax.
i suggest that to make it easier, we just collect rm20 from each person to reimburse petrol/toll for those driving. still cheap what hor?:)
then i also suggest, for the big seafood dinner, hehe, we use cell fund? how about it?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

wah, so long nobody post OR new dates for cell camp

ladies and gentlemen, as you know, we've discussed our cell camp lans extensively but bad news is church leadership would rather us NOT miss cell in simon's place OR saturday service.
so the only thing we can do is leave immediately after service on saturday at 7pm, check into the resort and have seafood dinner in PD!
sunday we can leave extra late too. after dinner as well, and reach kl by midnight. all ok with that?
the dates are 3rd and 4th february.

basically, we're going to my company's training centre (dont worry. got bed, got swimming pool all, and maybe, not sure, meals provided) and i think i can get lodgings for 12 people FREE! so, first-come first serve basis, please confirm your participation with our wonderful sexytary, Woon Sue Ling.

if we have 12 pple, we'll need three cars, so i'm looking at eric and mei fong to help me out here.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Hey ya all,

Merry christmas! For those who missed the christmas musical - honestly; TOO BAD!
I think it was rather good.

any - hoo, have a lovely holiday and merry season!

Blessed christmas.

Monday, December 11, 2006

~~It's A Sensational Christmas dinner!!~~

Morning ppl,
As informed, this saturday is the Young Adults Christmas Dinner =p Gonna be a "Sensational" one =P So.. HAVE YOU invited your family, friends and colleagues?? Truly take this time to invite them. It's one of the best opportunity cos ppl will view it as a common christmas celebration (i.e NON Threatening) ;) and will be less hesitant to attend.

A proof: Invited both my c's and non c's friends, saying that there's a christmas dinner in church and i'd like to book a table and invite them. Praise God! three non c's replied immediately. 2 of which usually will be the 1st to decline any of my umpteenth invitation to church. Truthfully it's such a joy to know that they will be attending this time round. So likewise.. encourage you to do the same. Simply extend the invitation and the rest just leave it to God to handle..

Therefore, i look forward to more of you informing me of the number of invitees you have that we'll be coming. ASAP.. cos we'll need to book the table. It's RM5/pax.. but if you have any difficulties footing it, just lemme know yup =p

Bid u an exciting week ahead..
loves n prayers..

Friday, December 08, 2006



dinner at 7

dinner at 7 , NOT 8

dinner at 7 at MARMALADE

Comments posting - I just knew

really, i just found out that we could post comments for blogs posted.


not bad arr.
patutla dont see any reponse, rupa-rupanya have to open my sepet eyes to see the comments part. I mean even Sue Ling knows, quite ashamed.


So, sorry la if i seemed like i didnt respond to any blogs posted.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

CELL Dinner!!!!

Dear CELL Members



Date: 8th December 2006
Time: 8.00 pm onwards

Place: MARMALADE, Mont Kiara (inbetween Baskin Robbins and Coffee Bean)

If you are able to come please come. Do try and let Shannon, Lenny, Mei Fong and Sue Ling know.

Drop us a line here or email Shannon, billyedwardyorke at gmail.


Monday, November 27, 2006


Yo guys..

Room availability@ Felda only on 12th-14th Jan @ 90/room. I've booked 4 rooms.. thankfully no deposit needed. Gonna do a breakdown of cost for u guys.

Per Pax:
Lodging: RM60 (3d2n) <*assuming all rooms will be occupied>
Food: RM 40-70(Lunch&Dinner) / Breakfast we DIY =p
Transport: RM 30

Therefore, it'll be a rough estimation of RM 130-160/pax.

Shud anyone feels tt this amt is a little steep but yet u want to go, no worries.. let us know and we'll work sth out ;p

Saturday, November 25, 2006

cell camp - i'm in!!

say, when was the last time we went to a camp together?
last i remembered was last year at genting (near awana).

but fraser's sounds good, tentative plan of 30th - 1st in fraser's hill is very fine with me.
in fact ideas came out for more adventurous activities, ie Gua tempurung in perak (hence we can include the ipoh lang) or go makan there. activities like water rafting, caving, or just makan-ing.

all these will definitely be after christmas. this is seperate from our christmas dinner/activity?
or is we are having our cell camp near christmas then we may very well have the proper xmas dinner then too, whether it is with tea, strawberries, butterflies - cameron......

anyhow, i'm in for cell camp in Fraser's dsuring 30th - 1st

progress, people!

well, ideas for a cell outing has progressed to that of a cell trip! or cell camp as we sarcastically called it.
in cell last night, we thought that maybe we could all bundle into a few bungalow rooms in frasers for new year's eve, specifically dec 30-jan 1. not sure actually, if our zone supervisor and pastor will be happy about that, hehe. but we will have our own watchnight service on dec 31.
failing which, then we'll have to shoot for the next weekend, say, jan5-7.
just preliminary ideas. feel free to contribute.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


you know, every year cell does something for christmas, just like how we do for harvest events etc etc.
why dont we really try to have a proper cell christmas? it can be on a cell nite, or any other night. it can be in simon's place, or at someone's condo, or at a restaurant.
a proper cell outing. we can exchange gifts if we want, or just have turkey! or bak kut teh. or whatever. we can sing carols, or we can just yak all night.
a night to remember Jesus, of course, to celebrate what he gave us... joy.
sure it was for salvation that he died on the cross, but to what end is salvation, freedom, love etc... isn't it all about being happy, in the end? and the best sort of happy is being happy in Christ.

or, if we really just prefer to spend christmas as we normally do each year, then, sure. it wouldnt be any less meaningful. for most of us, christmas is about family, friends, church, a lot of things.
there is no right or wrong decision. but if we want to do this, then it's time to start planning from now.